Tom recommends CreditKarma


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Attorney Tom Olsen: Speaking of credit, folks. I'm a staunch follower of Clark Howard. He gives such great advice. I know he's on at Odd Hours here in WDBO. Therefore, I follow his podcast. Clark Howard, I think, is quite brilliant. Because of Clark, I now have my own Credit Karma account. I'm following my credit on a weekly basis to see what's going on with it. Folks, I highly recommend. I'm trying to get my kids to do it too because it is so important that you have good credit and you're ready to go when you're ready to buy a house or a car. Check it out yourself. It is a free service. Clark Howard recommended it to me and I am recommending it to you. That is It's absolutely free. Google it, you'll find it, do it. It's really quite fascinating. You can see what your credit is and they'll give you advice on how to increase and improve your credit score as well.