Tom tells a story about why he bacame a lawyer


My best guess is that this happened when I was 11, so around 1967.


Attorney Tom Olsen: I want to tell you a story I haven't told you yet.

Chrissy: Okay.

Attorney Tom Olsen: It's coming in full circle for me. When I was a boy, let's call it 11, 12, my dad had a law office in Downtown Orlando. I'm down there on a Saturday morning one time doing what I do, cleaning out the bushes in Downtown Orlando in this property, his office in Downtown Orlando. Two other younger boys drive by on bicycles and I hear one of the boys on the bicycle say to the other boy, "That's Bob Olsen's office. He's my dad's lawyer. My dad says he's a great lawyer." Well, it was that moment in time where I decided that I'm going to be a lawyer someday.

Chrissy: That inspired you.

Attorney Tom Olsen: That inspired me. I mean, it was always a possibility but that was the determining factor, you might say. Yesterday I'm in the office with a client and the city has sent a crew outside to trim the palm trees. So this is a city crew, I'm sitting there in my office and I'm listening to these men who are-

Chrissy: Trimming.

Attorney Tom Olsen: - trimming the palm trees going, "Hey, that's Tom Olsen's office. I hear him on the radio. He's a great lawyer." I'm going, "Wow man, coming full circle here." I hear them talking about my dad, and I hear them talking about me.

Chrissy: That's very special.

Attorney Tom Olsen: It was very special.

Chrissy: Yes, a whole lot.

Attorney Tom Olsen:  I liked it a lot. I told you about hearing that conversation. I told Lex about hearing the conversation. I just thought it's pretty cool. it's kind of closing the circle, you might say.

Chrissy: Well, you must have immediately thought about that back when you were a boy when you heard them and, of course, these men out there, they had no idea that you were listening or that your office was right there. I mean, as far as that you could hear them.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Yes, and they would notice, of course, because on our signage we have Olsen Law Radio Show but also parked right there in front of them was my white Honda Pilot that's got a big old add for me in the in the rear window of my Honda Pilot.

Chrissy: Exactly. Yes, they clearly knew it was your office. It was just they wouldn't know that your office, you happen to be in hearing distance with them. But they definitely would know that it was your office and you also have on the side Olsen Law?

Attorney Tom Olsen: Exactly.

Chrissy: So both. Well, congratulations. That's a very special moment.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Thank you. I thought it's special too. I wanted to share it with you.

Chrissy: Thank you.