Using a lady bird deed to avoid probate


A lady bird deed, also known as an enhanced life estate deed, is a tool to avoid probate on real estate.


Jerry: My mom's in a long-term care facility. She's not able to handle her affairs. They gave me what they call a lady bird deed. It's an owned home and it was apparently an effort to avoid probate. Can you explain that to me?

Attorney Tom Olsen: A lawyer did a lady bird deed for your mom is what you're saying?

Jerry: Yes sir, she's still with us but she's not able to--

Attorney Tom Olsen: Okay, a lady bird deed is a tool to avoid probate on real estate. It might be your home, it might be your beach condo, might be your office building. Does not matter if there's a mortgage on it or not. If you look at the deed itself, it states that as long as your mom is alive, it is her home to do with as she pleases. Within the body of the deed it literally states who gets this piece of property when she passes away. I assume that your name is there so that when she passes-

Jerry: Yes sir.

Attorney Tom Olsen: -away, all you have to do is record her death certificate in the public records and that piece of property will automatically belong to you, no headaches, no hassles, no probate.

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