In divorce, how is house divided when it was purchased with wife's money


Even though the wife paid for the house with inherited money, once she puts the house title in both of their names, the presumption is that he owns one-half of the house.


Bill: I've got kind of a weird situation that I've never heard anything about. If a husband and wife buy a house together, pay cash for it. Instantly, this is probably the fifth house that we've owned together over the years. A good percentage of the money, where it came from to buy this final house, may have come from her father's inheritance that he left her when she passed. She's telling me that she talked to an attorney and the attorney said that because that inheritance money may have been used to buy the house, even though it was commingled in with lots of other cash, because the majority of the money came from the inheritance that even if we do split up, that I'm not entitled to any of the proceeds of the house even though we are both on the deed together.

Attorney Tom Olsen: Bill, here's my answer on that and my limited knowledge about divorce proceedings, and that is this. If your wife had inherited cash and she put that cash into a bank account, a CD, an investment in her name only, she's leaving with it. If she'd taken that cash and bought a piece of property and put that property in her name only, she's leaving with it. But once she takes that inheritance and puts it into joint name, no. It's half yours and half hers. I'm saying that sounds like it's good news for you, Bill.

Bill: Great. That's exactly what I thought and what I wanted to hear. I appreciate you guys.

Attorney Tom Olsen: You're welcome, Bill. Bye-bye.